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I am a London based artist working with printmaking and photographic processes, which I find important, stimulating and  exciting due to their unique mark making capabilities and the indirect nature of the making process.   The aesthetic qualities of analogue photography, screen printing, mono printing, etching, lithography, collography, wood cut,  drypoint and other traditional print techniques are unique. Meanwhile, the explosive speed, versatility and accessibility of digital  technology is an adaptable tool which can modify and transform traditional printmaking.  I explore and embrace both of these  elements in my work to create future hybrid digital-analogue horizons.  I often travel to Africa to document the landscape photographically - my interest in the continent stems from it being my  birthplace as well as its historical significance in early human evolution, although my landscape works are unpopulated,  evoking a sense of prehistory.   My art is about the complexities of nature. Inspiration comes from quantum theory (the uncertainty principle), the study of  chaotic primordial conditions and the subsequent design of our universe. These theories inspire me to visualise my ideas  of nature and landscape of the past, present and future.   In later works, collage and montage processes create temporal and spatial dislocations, which are a central feature of my work.  Displacement produces a latent energy and tension, where objects seem to be in between coming, going and staying,  communicating the ambiguity of matter and form, as well as implying a harmonious, yet uncertain fragility.